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Our journey continues…

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Authentic values

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A sensory journey

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Harmony with nature

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Ia Orana

Welcome on board to a brand new day


We are
the power and spirit
of our islands

Drawn from our collective history,
present dynamics and aspirations for the future,
it’s unique and authentic to us.
Our brand purpose is to create exceptional and
heartfelt experiences that help build a positive and
sustainable future to our nation and people.

our wings
since 1996

Air Tahiti Nui was created in 1996 to introduce our islands to the world. The first flight from Tahiti was operated in November 1998. Since then, each trip has begun aboard one of our Airbus A340-300, linking Tahiti to Paris, Los Angeles, Auckland and Tokyo. The flight into the future will continue aboard the Tahitian Dreamliner (Boeing B787-9).

new brand
belongs to you

Our brand is a platform for a world of passionately inspiring experiences, discoveries and adventures in the Islands of Tahiti.





Our nation, our people: We’re the airline for all French Polynesians – employees,
citizens and residents, alike.

Our people are our greatest assets – everything we do should continue to come from our hearth
and passion inside.

We will support tourism development by delivering consistently great experiences. 

We’re actively helping to support Tahiti’s most important sector, tourism.

We’re more than an airline

Our brand expresses itself in a simple and natural way. Creative and alive, it invites the awakening of senses and sharing. It makes Air Tahiti Nui unique and authentic.





We’re unique, extraordinary and noteworthy. We’re refreshingly different.

We’re alive, vivacious and creative. We have a good energy about us.

We’re majestic, rich and sensory. We make people feel something.

We’re natural, free and simple. We don’t over complicate things.

Tahiti with the world

Our journey continues…

  • Tahitian Dreamliner

  • Welcome on board

  • Poerava Business Class

  • Moana Premium Economy

  • Stay entertained and connected

  • Help protect the islands

  • Take in the view

  • Sails smoothly

  • Moana Economy

  • Our new livery

Discover the Tahitian Dreamliner

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

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